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Selling Your Home?
Where Do You Start?

At Richards Properties, we make it our business to understand the clients needs to price your home to sell. We understand that selling your home can be an emotional roller coaster ride. It is our job to make this process as seamless and painless as possible. With our expertise, knowledge of the market, compassion and connections, we promise to get the job done to your satisfaction!

The Process

  • Meet with you to determine the RIGHT price for your home. One of the biggest decisions is the pricing strategy. Made incorrectly, the cost is significant. If the house is priced too low, the Seller loses money. If the house is priced too high, the Seller loses money. Establishing the RIGHT price is paramount to success.
  • Creating a Market Study which provides an overview of all market conditions including a CMA (comparative market analysis).
  • Calculate your selling expenses so you know what to expect at closing.
  • Prepare your home by eliminating the negatives for a prospective Buyer.
  •  Stage your home (see HomeStaging 101).
  • Market your home on the internet to over 900 websites including and MLS, Social Media, our website ( and our extensive databases.
  • Create a brochure and flyer for brokers, buyers and the media.
  • Conduct a marketing campaign to include an Open House advertised on the web, an Open House invitation sent to your neighborhood, a "Just Listed" card sent to your mail route and an email to brokers with your brochure attached.

HomeStaging 101

When you are selling your home, it is important to make an impression that is positive and memorable. When you are dealing with such a significant transaction, you don’t want to settle for a lower selling price or a longer marketing period. Buyers are looking to fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyles. Staging helps sell those dreams and creates a more emotional purchase that can generate more money for the Seller. The result is a higher offer and a quicker sale. The brokers at Richards Properties can assist you with staging or we can contact a professional for you. The basics to a well staged home include:

  • Rid your home of clutter. The most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale is Get Rid of the Clutter. One of the major contributors to a cluttered look is having too much furniture. Less = bigger room!
  • Invest in a fresh coat of paint and repair cracks in walls and ceilings.
  • Landscape your outside spaces. Landscaping is the window to your home. Mulch, prune, replant inexpensive shrubs and add fresh flowers at the entrance. Maximize curb appeal!
  • Half-empty the closets; there is never enough storage for a Buyer.
  • Conceal the critters; no kitty litter or dog bowls.
  • De-personalize; let your Buyers imagine themselves living in your home.
  • Update your kitchen. The benefits of remodeling are endless and reap an average of 85% of your money back. New countertops, cabinet hardware and neutral paint equate to a higher value for your home.
  • Clean your shower door and grout with steel wool (one part muriatic acid to 10 parts water).
  • Clean windows, flooring, gutters and paint the front door.
  • Appeal to the senses; baked cookies, scented candles, fresh flowers and lighting all help enhance the Buyer’s experience.

You Received An Offer... Now What?

Congratulations, but the work is not over!  We will work with you to negotiate the best Offer. There are lots of details to coordinate in preparation for the sale.

  • Negotiate the Offer. Define negotiable and non-negotiable issues; assess your Net Expenses against the Offer. 
  • Order the inspections and review the reports.
  • Negotiate the repairs with Seller.
  • Contact our qualified vendors to resolve repairs if needed.
  • Plan your move. Schedule a moving company, packers, cleaning crew, consignment/auction company, junk man to pick up unwanted household items and a charity truck to pick up donated items.
  • Transfer utilities (we have the list).

Closing Q & A

Q: How long will my closing take?

Approximatley 30  minutes

Q: Does my spouse need to be present at the closing?

North Carolina law states "one to buy and two to sell."  If you are married, your spouse must be present at closing unless a Power of Attorney is used. If the property is an LLC or a corporation then one Seller may sign the documents.

Q: What do I need to bring to the closing?

The seller must bring a driver’s license and banking information for a wire transfer. 

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